tar cygwin64/ from old to new computer?

KARL BOTTS kdbotts@usa.net
Mon Nov 26 13:47:00 GMT 2018

This may not be strictly supported, but I have been doing it for at least 10

Once I have a new host network accessible from the old, I simply copy
c:/cygwin from old to new.
Access can be via UNC, mapped drive, whatever.  I normally use 'cp -a' to do
the copy, but have done it other ways.  (Do not use Win copy commands, they
mess up links.)

Then I set a few envars (by hand, via dialog box) on the new: add c:/cygwin to
the PATH, set HOME and CYGWIN.  I keep a home dir in cloud svn, shared across
all machines, to which HOME points, which I check out onto the new, by remote.
 Make a couple shortcuts to start bash, mintty, like that.

And up she comes.  I have a file of notes to follow, but really, the above is
about it.

Thereafter, I run CygSetup on one machine, make sure I like it, then just copy
c:/cygwin to the other machines again.  (Of course, copy it first, then rename
it on the dest with a DOS command, with cygwin shut down.)  I do that about
once a year.  I have about 6 active machines -- home, work, Acure -- and this
keeps them all in sync.

Compared to Visual Studio and ilk, maintaining cygwin is a breeze this way.

Karl Botts, kdbotts@usa.net

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