tar cygwin64/ from old to new computer:

Andrey Repin anrdaemon@yandex.ru
Sun Nov 25 20:05:00 GMT 2018

Greetings, L A Walsh!

> On 11/25/2018 9:08 AM, Hans-Bernhard Bröker wrote:
>> Am 25.11.2018 um 15:38 schrieb Lester Ingber:
>>> I'd like to simply transfer my cygwin64/ directory from my old Thinkpad
>>> to my new Thinkpad, both running Win 10 x64 Pro.  E.g., I would put my
>>> old c:/cygwin64/ onto a flash SSD USB drive e:/ .
>>> cd c:/
>>> tar cfp - cygwin64 > e:/cygwin64.tar &
>>> Then e:/cygwin64.tar would be mounted on my new computer.
>> You're overlooking a chicken-and-egg problem there: your new computer
>> has no 'tar' to unpack that file.
> ---
>         Hmm...can't tar it, but he could drag&drop from Explorer
> like he was moving the image (but do a copy instead).

It would screw permissions on Cygwin files/directories.

>         It should pick up everything, as that's what explorer
> would do.  

>         One caveat.  if you have a /etc/passwd + group...
> you will need to change the entries for local users on the disk cuz
> your computer's "machine id" has changed, and local accounts will
> get a different UID because of that.  If you don't use the /etc/passwd
> and group...then it might just work...though there will need to be
> some entry in the registry.  Might be easiest to install an empty
> cygwin on new machine (minimal install, only required packages),
> then copy your old cygwin-dir on top of the new one.

>         The worst that could happen is you'd have to reinstall the 
> normal way. (Obviously you don't destroy old image before new image
> is verified as working).

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Sunday, November 25, 2018 22:57:46

Sorry for my terrible english...B‹KCB”›Ø›[H™\ܝΈ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKܛ؛[\Ëš[B‘TNˆ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKÙ˜\KÃB‘ØÝ[Y[][ÛŽˆ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKÙØÜËš[B•[œÝXœØÜšX™H[™›Îˆ‹ËØÞYÝÚ[‹˜ÛÛKÛ[ÈÝ[œÝXœØÜšX™K\Ú[\CBƒB

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