tar cygwin64/ from old to new computer:

L A Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Sun Nov 25 19:22:00 GMT 2018

On 11/25/2018 9:08 AM, Hans-Bernhard Bröker wrote:
> Am 25.11.2018 um 15:38 schrieb Lester Ingber:
>> I'd like to simply transfer my cygwin64/ directory from my old Thinkpad
>> to my new Thinkpad, both running Win 10 x64 Pro.  E.g., I would put my
>> old c:/cygwin64/ onto a flash SSD USB drive e:/ .
>> cd c:/
>> tar cfp - cygwin64 > e:/cygwin64.tar &
>> Then e:/cygwin64.tar would be mounted on my new computer.
> You're overlooking a chicken-and-egg problem there: your new computer
> has no 'tar' to unpack that file.
	Hmm...can't tar it, but he could drag&drop from Explorer
like he was moving the image (but do a copy instead).

	It should pick up everything, as that's what explorer
would do.  

	One caveat.  if you have a /etc/passwd + group...
you will need to change the entries for local users on the disk cuz
your computer's "machine id" has changed, and local accounts will
get a different UID because of that.  If you don't use the /etc/passwd
and group...then it might just work...though there will need to be
some entry in the registry.  Might be easiest to install an empty
cygwin on new machine (minimal install, only required packages),
then copy your old cygwin-dir on top of the new one.

	The worst that could happen is you'd have to reinstall the 
normal way. (Obviously you don't destroy old image before new image
is verified as working).

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