tar cygwin64/ from old to new computer?

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Sun Nov 25 17:20:00 GMT 2018

Lester Ingber writes:
> I'd like to simply transfer my cygwin64/ directory from my old Thinkpad
> to my new Thinkpad, both running Win 10 x64 Pro.  E.g., I would put my
> old c:/cygwin64/ onto a flash SSD USB drive e:/ .
> cd c:/
> tar cfp - cygwin64 > e:/cygwin64.tar &
> Then e:/cygwin64.tar would be mounted on my new computer.

That may or may not work, but please don't (especially not if there's a
chance that the old Thinkpad will be used in parallel to the new one).
What you do want to keep is any files you have added/edited, but you'll
have to check if these edits are still valid.

> I'm assuming that there is not actual install required, e.g., having to
> run setup-x86_64.exe first on the new computer?

The thing you can do is drop the install.db file from the old computer
to where it would be in the new (before or after a Base install),
nulling all the version strings (I've posted an example of how to do
that on this list some time ago).  Then setup.exe will find and
"upgrade" for all those packages you've had installed previously.
However, it may not be the worst idea to drop packages that you don't
actually use anymore, so a fresh install may not be a bad idea.

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