Cygwin Git with Windows paths

Brian Inglis
Sun Nov 18 16:49:00 GMT 2018

On 2018-11-18 01:35, Ray Donnelly wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 18, 2018, 6:07 AM Steven Penny < wrote:
>> Cygwin Git can clone with Unix form paths:
>> $ git clone git:// /tmp/goawk
>> Cloning into '/tmp/goawk'...
>> remote: Enumerating objects: 330, done.
>> However it fails with Windows form:
>> $ git clone git:// 'C:\cygwin64\tmp\goawk'
>> Cloning into 'C:\cygwin64\tmp\goawk'...
>> fatal: Invalid path '/home/Steven/C:\cygwin64\tmp\goawk': No such file or 
>> directory

Use cygpath:

$ git clone git:// `cygpath 'C:\cygwin64\tmp\goawk'`

>> and mixed form:
>> $ git clone git:// C:/cygwin64/tmp/goawk

$ git clone git:// $(cygpath C:/cygwin64/tmp/goawk)

>> fatal: Invalid path '/home/Steven/C:/cygwin64': No such file or directory
>> Note that other Cygwin programs work fine with these forms:
>>     $ ls 'C:\cygwin64'
>>     bin         Cygwin.ico           dev  home  sbin  usr
>>     Cygwin.bat  Cygwin-Terminal.ico  etc  lib   tmp   var

If Windows paths work, that's convenient; if Windows paths don't work, use
cygpath, as it is often required, that's why it's available.

>> This causes problems for any non-Cygwin tools that might call Git:

> This is very much the point of msys2.

Also Git for Windows (MinGW based) which tries to provide a more compatible
experience without msys2 DLLs; and which can also be installed under msys2.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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