Mintty terminal always opens at 79 char width

Saurabh T
Sun Nov 18 15:16:00 GMT 2018

From: Thomas Wolff <>
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2018 8:16 AM
To: Saurabh T
Subject: Re: Mintty terminal always opens at 79 char width
Am 17.11.2018 um 16:28 schrieb Saurabh T:
> Despite being set to 80 in the Options, Apply/Save being done, minttyrc being manually edited to say Columns=80, windows keep opening at 79 char width. This is on Windows 10 Home with the latest 32 bit Cygwin 2.11.2. I've tried both Consolas and Lucida Console font. Thanks,
> saurabh
Please try to minimize/remove your config file and quote a minimal
configuration that has the effect. Do you have the scrollbar enabled?

That was helpful! Removed .minttyrc, then opened a terminal, the problem had disappeared. Now bringing back the same exact .minttyrc does not have any problem. Thank you!

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