cblas library missing in liblapack-devel

Falk Tannhäuser falk.tannhauser@free.fr
Thu Nov 1 19:54:00 GMT 2018

The package liblapack-devel (LAPACK library for linear algebra operations, see 
contains the header file usr/include/cblas.h (among others), library files as usr/lib/libblas.a, usr/lib/liblapack.a etc. as well as the file
usr/lib/pkgconfig/cblas.pc . The command `pkg-config --libs cblas` returns "-lcblas". However, no library file libcblas.a is present, causing
building of some software packages depending on this library to fail.
On the other hand, the Win64 toolchain package mingw64-x86_64-cblas (see 
https://cygwin.com/cgi-bin2/package-cat.cgi?file=x86_64%2Fmingw64-x86_64-cblas%2Fmingw64-x86_64-cblas-3.7.0-1&grep=cblas) does comport the 
library usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw/lib/libcblas.dll.a .
Am I missing something during Cygwin installation?


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