httpd/sshd will not start due to "failed to create proxy mutex" error

Sun May 27 14:30:00 GMT 2018

I ended up having a similar problem with mod_rewrite. tapping in, in the
event someone else needs the assist.

>in httpd.conf: LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
>error_log:  Function not implemented: AH00023: Couldn't create the
rewrite-map mutex

I solved with "Mutex flock:/etc/httpd/conf/mutex rewrite-map"

I've elected to use the 'flock' instead of 'file' or 'fcntl' simply b/c I
dont know what 'best' is for 'file' and fcntl in theory has a listed
problem, although unlikely.

I tested posixsem as well, and it works. although it says

apache documentation on mutex wrote
> Warning
> The semaphore ownership is not recovered if a thread in the process
> holding the mutex segfaults, resulting in a hang of the web server.

That does not sound appealing to me, thus flock.

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