Could You Be My Guardian

Ahmed Kromah via cygwin
Tue May 22 18:18:00 GMT 2018

Dear Confidant,

I am  Ahmed Kromah 19 years old, from Liberia, My late father is a petroleum and crude oil contractor in my country (Liberia),he died in car accident in 2013. As the only son of my father he told me in the hospital in secret that he made a fixed time deposit with a vault company in Europe and all this he did in my name as the only son from three wives before he passed away.

Few months after his death, My step mothers became Mad with is properties that are established in Liberia and because of this trouble and fear of not been killed I moved out of the country to at least safe my life and think of what to do with the money as my late father advised.

As you can see, I am still under age so I will like to present you as my guardian to the Vault company in Europe so that you can start any good business with it while I will continue my education under your custody as a God sent guardian. The total amount deposited in the vault is US$3,258,000.00 only. I want you to invest it into any lucrative business known to you while I will have the opportunity to continue my education under your umbrella in your country.

Please note that you will not do this in vain, you will be the one to manage any business established and manage the profit since I am still too young to begin to handle big money. Just know that continuing my education is most paramount to me and I pray to God you take this serious to make sure I become a VIP in life like any other person.

I want to believe that you are a honest and reliable individual and that you will not deceive me or betray me at the end?

All that the vault management needed from me is to produce the details of my guardian and the money will be released to him for my up keep.

Required details below:

Your full names:_____________________Contact address:_________________________Home Phone/mobile number:_____________________

Occupation/Position Held:_________________________Nationality/ ID scan copy.

The above details is all that the Vault management needs from me to enable it approve a release order in your name as the final beneficiary to my late father's estate or deposit.

With the little expression above I hope to get a reply from you soon, and upon the receipt of your the above details, I will not hesitate to send to you my national Identity card for you to know me as a person.

Thank you.


Ahmed Kromah

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