normal to blue-screen windows when doing 'ls -CF' of /proc/sys/GLOBAL?? (bug? cygcheck attached)

L A Walsh
Tue May 22 10:48:00 GMT 2018

Michel LaBarre wrote:
> If you need a boot environment that knows your hardware, try downloading the backup program Reflect from Macrium - there is a free version.

Wouldn't it be more prudent in the long run to make sure the repair-environment
builtin to windows and your install disk knows about the new HW?

I've had problems relying on 3rd party tools that I had trouble getting
to work some number of years later.

I'm able to backup the machine with the ms-backup tools, (crappy though they are),
and have those tools create an image backup every week.

I don't keep "data" on my winbox.  just on my linux box.
I try to only put programs on the winbox as I haven't found windows
to be very reliable over the long term.

Had system restore wipe files more than fun.

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