perl-Win32-API package problem

S.J. Luo
Wed May 16 22:28:00 GMT 2018

Hi Achim,

> >   By checking the gcc compile option, I found there is a gcc option
> > "-fno-stack-protector" provided when I compile this module by myself,
> > while the option is removed when I compile with cygport. If I try
> > manually compiling without this option, the same problem occurs.
> I don't know enough of how the stack protector actually is implemented
> to understand why it would work without the protector and stop working
> with.
> I'll see if it's possible to remove the option from within cygport, if
> yo I'll have to think about any ramifications that might have.

Thanks for the responding. I just learned that stack protector is
trying to prevent against buffer overflow/stack-corruption based
attacks. It might not be a big issue. A crack-aware program shall
simply avoid this module.

And yes I believe it is complex that how stack protector have
influence on this Perl module. But I think this option is just
necessary. The Makefile.PL explicitly applies -fno-stack-protector
option on non-MSVC compilers with 64bit target:


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