perl-Win32-API package problem

Achim Gratz
Tue May 15 19:43:00 GMT 2018

SJ Luo writes:
>   The two lines of commands "mv xxxx; cp xxx" are to dereference the
> symbolic links of testing-needed dll files because
> Win32::API::LoadLibrary() seems not be able to resolve Cygwin symbolic
> link.

You'd need to use native symlinks for that to work, yes.

>   By checking the gcc compile option, I found there is a gcc option
> "-fno-stack-protector" provided when I compile this module by myself,
> while the option is removed when I compile with cygport. If I try
> manually compiling without this option, the same problem occurs.

I don't know enough of how the stack protector actually is implemented
to understand why it would work without the protector and stop working

> The host system is Windows7. Cygwin dll is 64bit version 2.10.0-1.
> wish it can be solved soon in next package release.

I'll see if it's possible to remove the option from within cygport, if
yo I'll have to think about any ramifications that might have.

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