Defaulting to stabs debug output from AS Cygwin64

Michael Enright
Tue May 15 17:41:00 GMT 2018

On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 5:58 AM, cyg Simple <> wrote:
> Years of work tells me to not trust the default of any option.  You
> should be specific.

I have a few years under my belt (come to think of it they are
threatening to engulf my belt). For work, I'd do what's necessary to
integrate the little thing into the big thing. For this I don't want
to work too hard on side issues unless I decide they are interesting
side issues.

> The dwarf format isn't supported by native tools.  I think COFF should
> be the default but that is just me and I don't maintain the distribution
> of GCC.

The GCC driver uses -gdwarf2 if you do 'gcc -g' on a .s file. Using
-gdwarf2 with assembly code manually or through gcc is successful in
producing a Cygwin64 executable that Cygwin64 GDB can work with. This
combination of circumstances led me to wonder how stabs was chosen for

> I question your use of Cygwin instead of MinGW for your compiler but
> that is just a musing.

When I cobble together an I/O system for the language's runtime, I
will probably switch the project to Linux-only. I/O is one of the
interesting side issues I wish to tackle.

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