Necessary/Essential Packages for Cygwin GNOME and KDE Installation

Marco Atzeri
Fri Jun 22 11:16:00 GMT 2018

On 6/22/2018 9:31 AM, Auteria W. Winzer Jr. via cygwin wrote:
> I want to install the latest Cygwin GNOME and KDE desktops on Windows 10, yet from online searches the information that's currently out there is obsolete.
> For example, after reviewing the GNOME install procedure, when I add the URL to the list of mirrored installation sites, it comes back with an HTTP 404 "site not found".
> The same holds true for KDE. The installation procedure states add the URL to the list of mirrored installation sites, it also returns an HTTP 404 error "site not found"
> However, I see GNOME and KDE categories within Cygwin setup. My questions are 1) What are the essential/necessary packages to install both GNOME and KDE? I haven't come across online info on the steps necessary.
> On my Windows 8 laptop, I was able to install GNOME and KDE Desktops with no issues back then, and they were linked to XWin Server where if I right click on the Cygwin X Server Icon, they're listed in the table of contents to invoke.
> I sincerely appreciate the information. My goal is to install the full desktops as previous. There are no issues with the Cygwin X-Free installation. I'm good there.
> Thanks, and regards,
> Auteria Winzer Jr.

Yaakov already answered you

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