Unexpected behavior of ~ when calling bash from a different cygwin installation

Soegtrop, Michael michael.soegtrop@intel.com
Sat Jun 16 11:13:00 GMT 2018

Dear Andrey,

> The mapping is consistent throughout the execution tree.

I would like to understand the underlying mechanism. The documentation (FAQ section 4.20) states (as far as I understand) that the Windows path of the Cygwin system root an executable sees is the parent directory of the folder in which the cygwin1.dll resides which is loaded by an executable. As I showed, this doesn't seem to be the case. How does it work then? How is the system root folder passed from parent to child?

> At best, nothing will work

Actually if I put cmd in between and clear a few environment variables it works very well in fairly complicated scenarios. Still I would like to understand how the underlying mechanisms work (preferably without reverse engineering).

Best regards,

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