Problem loading dynamic libraries - file not found

Roberto Ribeiro
Sat Jun 16 02:05:00 GMT 2018

Hello list,

recently I've been running a lot into an error while trying to load dlls
compiled by cygwin: "ERROR: could not load library (...): No such file or
directory". The library in question is always there, however, and *appears*
to have been correctly built (ldd and cygcheck both return the expected
values). Last time this happened, I found what could have been a linking
problem in one of its dependencies, and just recompiled everything and now
it works.

But now I'm running on this problem again, in a library I wrote myself,
which only links to dependencies I know are working, and everything that
could possibly be called is in the PATH. So, my question is: what exactly
does this "no such file or directory" error mean, and is there a way for me
to debug it, or maybe get more comprehensive error messages?

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