Problematic interpretion of paths starting with double slashes

Achim Gratz
Wed Jun 13 19:32:00 GMT 2018

Sven Eden writes:
> True, if /this isn't just a mount point for //this, meaning
> that the "that"s are two different files.

Again, my main objection is that the interpretation of a path should not
change based on the availability or non-availability of any host (or its
name resolution) over the network.  That's exactly the kind of thing
that will come back to bite you in the most inconvenient moment.

Regarding the discussion about Linux behaviour, I'd be happy if Linux
had an option to just make any path with two leading slashes throw an
error if that path makes it anywhere a local filesystem gets involved.
That'd be quite helpful in quickly weeding out portability problems like
the one you showed.

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