Windows upgrade

Achim Gratz
Wed Jun 13 18:37:00 GMT 2018

Alejandro Benitez writes:
> I have a 32 bit cygwin installation of 8 years of age in an amd64 PC
> with 2 GB of RAM with Windows 10. So far it's been so good. I never
> had the need to use a 64 bit Windows, but recently 64 bit has become
> mainstream and I also started having low memory issues, so I upgraded
> to 4 GB of RAM. The thing is 32 bit Windows has issues with the whole
> 4 GB of RAM therefore I have quite less available, so I decided I will
> be switching to 64 bit Windows 10 via a clean install (yuk!) when I am
> able.

Well, for an installation that old it would probably be quite helpful if
you did a clean fresh install.  A 32bit Windows can deal just fine with
4GB of memory (not so much with larger memory), you can make about 3GB
of that available to user processes with a boot option (at the expense
of memory reserved for the kernel space).

> I'll be following the steps outlined in this post or a similar one:
> It's somehow clear I thankfully won't need to upgrade to cygwin64
> until later, I mean it seems I'll be able to still use my 32 bit
> cygwin after I upgrade to 64 bit Windows 10, I just don't know what
> I'll need to tweak / migrate so that the new Windows installation
> installed on top of the same drive that currently holds the 32 bit
> cygwin knows it's there. I'm betting some registry entries and
> environment variables. Does anyone know these tweaks for certain? I
> need cygwin to be fully functional, I mean setup.exe needs to be able
> to install packages, otherwise it won't be of much use.

You can keep using a 32bit Cygwin on any Windows 64bit desktop version
in existence so far, they all come with the WoW64 subsystem that is
necessary to run 32bit Windows applications.

> I might also be wrong and need to install cygwin64 as I upgrade
> Windows. Fingers are crossed.

However, I'd still recommend you make the switch to a 64bit Cygwin if
you have the option.

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