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Alejandro Benitez
Wed Jun 13 03:20:00 GMT 2018


I have a 32 bit cygwin installation of 8 years of age in an amd64 PC with 2 GB of RAM with Windows 10. So far it's been so good. I never had the need to use a 64 bit Windows, but recently 64 bit has become mainstream and I also started having low memory issues, so I upgraded to 4 GB of RAM. The thing is 32 bit Windows has issues with the whole 4 GB of RAM therefore I have quite less available, so I decided I will be switching to 64 bit Windows 10 via a clean install (yuk!) when I am able.

I'll be following the steps outlined in this post or a similar one:

It's somehow clear I thankfully won't need to upgrade to cygwin64 until later, I mean it seems I'll be able to still use my 32 bit cygwin after I upgrade to 64 bit Windows 10, I just don't know what I'll need to tweak / migrate so that the new Windows installation installed on top of the same drive that currently holds the 32 bit cygwin knows it's there. I'm betting some registry entries and environment variables. Does anyone know these tweaks for certain? I need cygwin to be fully functional, I mean setup.exe needs to be able to install packages, otherwise it won't be of much use.

I might also be wrong and need to install cygwin64 as I upgrade Windows. Fingers are crossed.

Thanks in advance,

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