running self compiled 32 bit binary on 64 bit Windows?

Soegtrop, Michael
Fri Jun 8 13:43:00 GMT 2018

Dear Ulli,

are you sure you want a cygwin build? I thought you are doing a MinGW build (since Cygwin1.ddl was missing from ldd).

There are 3 possible ways:

1.) Do a MinGW cross compile in case you don't need any Cygwin infrastructure (bash, ...) or fully posix compliant C environment

2.) Do a Cygwin build and copy cygwin1.dll and possibly others with the executable in case you don't need a bash, but a posix compliant C environment. Depending on what DLLs you need, this might not work (some need some environment to run).

3.) Do a Cygwin build and install a matching cygwin on the destination machine in case you need not just a posix compliant C environment, but also a bash or other Unix tools

Best regards,

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