My delayed complaint about spam on this list

Steven Penny
Wed Jun 6 01:01:00 GMT 2018

On Tue, 5 Jun 2018 20:18:59, Frank Farance wrote:
> No, I'm not suggesting that one must be subscribed, I'm pointing out that if
> one wants to have a back and forth discussion (in a practical sense), some
> kinda registration/subscription system is necessary.

No, its not? did not you read my post? i have a tool that allow replies without
being subscribed:

> Someone suggested a moderator (or multiple moderators) that would approve
> messages from outsiders.

ok cool, but whos going to do it? are you volunteering? if so you should email
the proper group as indicated here:

> That sounds like the easiest approach because it anyone can write to the list
> and there would be just a short delay for those people who aren't subscribers,
> but the main benefit would be the lack of spam.

No. I am not interested in a "short delay". As I am sure others are not either.
Why should we be penalized because we dont want our inboxes flooded?

> I'm not tied to any technology, and I'm happy to have heard some more
> discussion, which better informed me about some of the Use Cases I was unaware
> of.

ive seen plenty of discussion already - it seems several are against or strongly


> So here's my question (and it assumes that there would be volunteer(s) to
> moderate):

so i guess that means you arent volunteering?

> Question: "Would a moderation system work where subscribers could send
> messages directly, but non-subscribers would need a moderator to approve the
> message?"


> If that is acceptable,

Its not.

> then the next step would be to find a couple volunteers.
> Your thoughts?

again, since you are championing this, it is odd that you yourself are not

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