My delayed complaint about spam on this list

Jeffrey Altman
Mon Jun 4 20:27:00 GMT 2018

On 6/4/2018 4:13 PM, Frank Farance wrote:
> Second, as a mailing list admin myself, at some time we're going to have
> to deal with spam as some of the members E-mail systems will start
> tagging normal cygwin stuff as spam, which is the kind of stuff members
> don't have control over in medium-to-large organizations.  

My mail servers regularly categorize cygwin at mail as spam.

And then there is all of the mail that simply gets rejected because of
DMARC policies applied by the sender's domain.

> (1) getting rid of spam by restricting senders to members of the list
> (which, as you state, might lose people like you)
> versus
> (2) reducing spam for the 1500 members on the list (yet still lose you
> because you need to become a member of the list to see the responses
> from others),

There are other alternatives.

I'm a member of a few mailing lists that accept e-mails from non-list
members but only after the non-list member successfully accesses a URL
that is mailed to the sender's address.

Would something like that be possible for the cygwin lists?

Jeffrey Altman

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