My delayed complaint about spam on this list

Frank Farance
Mon Jun 4 19:31:00 GMT 2018

On 2018-06-04 12:22, Kunal Ghosh wrote:
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Hi, I enjoy reading the cygwin E-mails, one of the few E-mail lists I regularly follow.  And I've administered multiple E-mail lists over two-plus decades.

I've seen a bunch of spam, and it's continued for a while (beyond my expectation that it would have already ended).  This kinda spam is typically solved by having the E-mail list restricted: only members can submit to the list.  Maybe this has been done already ... but if not, please enable this mailing list feature.  Now if those members start submitting spam, then you can give them warnings and (ultimately) they can lose their membership.  And if people start forging E-mail addresses, you can turn on various SPF-like features to make sure the E-mail is coming from a that source (or an equivalent feature might work well, too).

If you would like to reply to me, please send your response to me directly, DO NOT SEND TO THE LIST.  I will summarize back to the list.  (Think: Old-School 1980s USENET unix-wizards kinda framework.)

Thank you for your administration of this list.


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