top exits spuriously on R2016

Achim Gratz
Fri Jun 1 19:42:00 GMT 2018

I've got my new R2016 server re-configured to only have a single
processor group instead of two (and HT switched off to match the
available memory better to my median memory usage per core).

However, top still spuriously exits (I originally thought it had to do
with top not being processor group aware).  When starting it in an RDP
session in mintty, it will most of the time exit without any output at
all or after clearing the screen.  Running it remotely via ssh through
screen / tmux it'll typically exit while in the middle the first refresh
(after the initial display) partially emitted.  Piping stdout and stderr
through less or into a file will often show the error message

top: failed openproc: Bad address

before the exit.  Running it via strace in a separate window it keeps
working just fine.  I think it may be hitting a race condition, but I'm
running out of ideas with this Heisenbug.

Is anyone seeing something similar and/ or having suggestion for a

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