Stubborn ghostscript 9.19 not upgrading to 9.23

Heavenly Avenger
Sat Jul 21 07:58:00 GMT 2018


I got into this problem that ghostscript refuses to upgrade.

If I try to run a I used to do frequently, I'm getting this:

Looking for the error I see somebody mentioning it should be under 
/usr/share/gs/*. I have only /usr/share/ghostscript/*, and it looks like 
the same. Therein, I have 9.19 and 9.23 directories, which suggests 
there's some leftovers from 9.19. Yet, if I try to find the missing file 
(, I get it within the 9.23 tree. Then it /should/ be good.

Then, moved to /usr/bin and:

$ ./gs --version
$ ls /usr/share/ghostscript/
9.19  9.23  fonts

I closed all cygwin terminals, checked up whether no cygwin process was 
running, and performed a reinstall of the ghostscript package. It reads 
9.23 in setup_x86_64.exe, so I left a little confuse as to why it is not 
getting updated... maybe the package is nuts? Double checked, gs.exe 
process is not running nor stuck.

Any ideas about what's going on here? :) I would prefer to be able to 
fully upgrade the package, but if the only way is to keep the old one or 
do some hacky symlinks, I guess I would need to live with that. :(

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