After installing nc (netcat), nc.exe is not found

Mark Hansen
Wed Jul 11 19:46:00 GMT 2018

On 7/11/2018 10:34 AM, Heavenly Avenger wrote:
> I have these versions, and nc is here happy and playful.
> It is possible you attempted an upgrade while cygwin programs were
> running? Cygwin services also count. This is due a limitation on windows
> which locks files when they are in use, so cygwin updates can't replace
> the files and end up failing.
> You may ensure everything is closed and services stopped, re-run
> setup-x86_64.exe, selecting the 'nc' package and switching it to
> "Reinstall". Then let the setup do its things.
> If the setup is hanging, or have hung up and you had to force-close it
> the last install attempt you did, this is a strong sign that not just
> nc, but several other packages that have been attempted to upgrade may
> be compromised. To ensure that is not the case, a good
> cygcheck -c
> should help.
> The package nc-1.10-4.tar.bz2 has 'usr/bin/nc.exe', which is the file
> you claim missing.
> Hope this helps! :)

Thanks for your help. I have notes that show what all I need to shut down when doing the
install. I caught all them (Cygwin SSHD, Cygwin cygserver, the X Server, and anything running
cygwin shells, etc.) - I think that's everything.

When I run cygcheck -c, it shows Incomplete on the two packages (nc and nc6) so they definitely
had problems, and appear to be the only ones which did.

I see that the .bz2 file is in my downloads area (I download to local without install, and then
install from local).

I tried running bunzip2 on that file and then extracting it using tar. The bunzip2 completed
quickly but the tar command took a long time (I'm not sure what it was doing during this time).

I'll try shutting everything down and doing a reinstall on the netcat stuff.


> On 7/11/2018 2:10 PM, Mark Hansen wrote:
>> I've just updated to the latest Cygwin 64-bit installation on my 
>> Windows 7 PC. Included
>> in this update was the package for nc (nc: A simple but powerful 
>> network tool) version 1.107-4
>> After downloading and installing, which all seemed to go fine, the man 
>> page for nc is there,
>> but nc.exe is not.
>> I included the following (netcat-related) packages:
>> - nc, 1.107-4
>> - nc6, 1.0-1
>> - nc6-debuginfo, 1.0-1
>> Is there something special I need to do to get nc.exe installed?
>> Thanks,
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