After installing nc (netcat), nc.exe is not found

Heavenly Avenger
Wed Jul 11 17:35:00 GMT 2018

I have these versions, and nc is here happy and playful.

It is possible you attempted an upgrade while cygwin programs were 
running? Cygwin services also count. This is due a limitation on windows 
which locks files when they are in use, so cygwin updates can't replace 
the files and end up failing.

You may ensure everything is closed and services stopped, re-run 
setup-x86_64.exe, selecting the 'nc' package and switching it to 
"Reinstall". Then let the setup do its things.

If the setup is hanging, or have hung up and you had to force-close it 
the last install attempt you did, this is a strong sign that not just 
nc, but several other packages that have been attempted to upgrade may 
be compromised. To ensure that is not the case, a good

cygcheck -c

should help.

The package nc-1.10-4.tar.bz2 has 'usr/bin/nc.exe', which is the file 
you claim missing.

Hope this helps! :)

On 7/11/2018 2:10 PM, Mark Hansen wrote:
> I've just updated to the latest Cygwin 64-bit installation on my 
> Windows 7 PC. Included
> in this update was the package for nc (nc: A simple but powerful 
> network tool) version 1.107-4
> After downloading and installing, which all seemed to go fine, the man 
> page for nc is there,
> but nc.exe is not.
> I included the following (netcat-related) packages:
> - nc, 1.107-4
> - nc6, 1.0-1
> - nc6-debuginfo, 1.0-1
> Is there something special I need to do to get nc.exe installed?
> Thanks,
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