running self compiled 32 bit binary on 64 bit Windows?

Brian Inglis
Mon Jul 9 06:22:00 GMT 2018

On 2018-07-08 20:18, Andrey Repin wrote:
>> On Fri 2018-06-08 (19:41), Andrey Repin wrote:
>>>>> 2.) Do a Cygwin build and copy cygwin1.dll

>>>> I already have a /usr/bin/cygwin1.dll on the Windows 8 target system.

>>> It's a wrong architecture. You need a 32-bit one for your 32-bit program.

>>>> Do I have to replace it?

>>> No.
>>> Just build a 64-bit version of your program.

>> SIGH. I was hoping a 32 bit cygwin with 32 bit self compiled programs will
>> run on 64 bit Windows, too. But I was wrong.

He just means that you must provide matching Cygwin DLLs and exes which are
either all built as x86 (32 bit), or all as x86_64. Cygwin x86 programs will run
on Windows x64 or x86 desktops as they support x86 programs.
>From Windows Server 2008 R2, all *servers* are x64 only, and x86 support is an
optional installable feature on *servers*, except it is still required for AD
support, which MS has still not rewritten for x64.

>> Meanwhile I have 4 VMs:
>> Windows 32 bit with 32 bit cygwin
>> Windows 32 bit with 32 bit cygwin for compiling
>> Windows 64 bit with 64 bit cygwin
>> Windows 64 bit with 64 bit cygwin for compiling

> You can install both 32 and 64-bit Cygwin on the same machine.
> So you don't really need 4, while I see how having a build system separate is
> a good idea.

>>>> This is what I first did:
>>>> Transfered the 32 bit cygwin with my self compiled binaries

>>> You have to install Cygwin, not "transfer".

>> I have several 100 users, none of them is able to install cygwin

> *You* have to do it.
> Cygwin offers tools to automate process.

More explanation would be helpful.
He could setup a package download structure, including setup-x86[_64].exe and
setup.ini, zip that for transfer, unzip that in a known location, then run the
included setup in unattended mode with fixed arguments, to setup the Cygwin
environment, install the base and other packages.
Have you other suggestions?

>> and the packages they need the official way, they are way to *CENSORED* for
>> this job :-} 
>> I give them my preconfigured (or and tell them to
>> unpack it in C:\
>> (This is what I call "transfer cygwin")
>> This works so far without problems.

> Only by accident and promise.

More explanation would be helpful.
What problems do you see with his process?

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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