setup takes a long time

Achim Gratz
Wed Jan 31 19:06:00 GMT 2018

Fergus Daly writes:
> The setup program does seem to take a long time, even when it just
> means "update" and even when there's nothing to update. Here's what
> happens in unattended mode:

Looks completely normal.  Some of the scripts do need to look at quite a
few files before deciding if there's real work to do, so a slow disk
(spinning rust or network) can introduce noticeable delays.  On an SSD
it should be done in well under a minute.  If not, you might need to
check the settings on your antivirus solution to be less aggressive with
read-ahead for things in the Cygwin directory.

> I can kind of see the point of autorebase and update-info-dir, but why
> revisit texlive every time, and why all the zp stuff, every time?

Because that's the way to make it work reliably even around corner cases
and nobody has come up with something better yet.

Now, if you look at /var/log/setup.log.full you might see something
interesting that might need fixing.  TeXLive in particular might have
picked up some settings that trigger re-generation of many or even all
formats each time you run the script (you can run it by hand and see
what it does).  Unless you are familiar with how the TeXLive
configuration manager works, your best bet is a complete re-installation
of all packages associated with TeXLive and then it should work as
intended again (i.e. do nothing unless something has changed).

> Why does setup explore McShield and McAfee?

Some time in the past it would otherwise fail to successfully install
Cygwin on systems that had this crapware installed.  It might be
possible to just remove that from setup now, I would personally be in
favor of it.

> Incidentally note the switch -m. Without it, checking sha1sum's I
> guess provides some kind of protection, but it's incredibly
> time-consuming and seems quite unnecessarily to cover much more than
> the files downloaded, even the entire resource?

That check is there for an entirely different reason that will hopefully
no longer be supported in the not-too-distant future.  When that happens
it can go away.

> In the presumably very rare event of a broken download, could the
> update not more simply just abort?

No, it really was there originally to pick up files that you want to
install, but have no entry in setup.ini for.  If you never create your
own packages or move files by hand in your mirror directory, you should
_always_ use the -m switch.  A broken download will be identified by a
wrong SHA512 checksum (or a missing file, as it were).

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