Window 10 authorization problems

Achim Gratz
Sun Jan 21 08:28:00 GMT 2018

Robert McBroom writes:
> Troubles through several cygwin releases with getting the files to
> have the right permissions when running startwinx from an initial
> cygwin64 terminal. Messages follow:

Is that a network share?

> A directory listing gives:
>  ---------- 2 mukx mukx 0 Jan 18 18:44 .serverauth.7284-c
> On Window 7 these files are properly read,write for the user.

As Brian said, please check the DACL on your home directory via icacls.
The above shows that Cygwin thinks there are _no_ ACL attached and it
seems it can't create them either, so I suspect your home is on one of
those shares that disallow both the reading and writing of DACL.  You
could try to use it by mounting it with the "noacl" option, but that
will create other problems down the road, so you might need to move your
home directory (as far as Cygwin is concerned) someplace else.  This
might be as easy as using a subdirectory in your current home or it
might require using a different share.

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