rebase-4.4.3-1 regression: Too many DLLs for available address space

Denis Excoffier
Thu Jan 11 21:52:00 GMT 2018

> On 2018-01-11 13:32, Christian Franke wrote:
> After 4.4.3-1 upgrade, rebase always fails on 32- and 64-bit Cygwin:
> $ rebase -s -T /var/cache/rebase/rebase_all
> rebase: Too many DLLs for available address space: Cannot allocate memory
> Using /bin/rebaseall does not help.
> A downgrade to 4.4.2-1 fixes the problem.
Same for me. I also tried rebase-4.4.3 and it didn't work (message in setup.log and no /etc/re* created).
Therefore i also switched back to 4.4.2.

I would like to add that under my system (Windows 7 32bits), when i autorebase everything (full),
the 'rebase -si' function (rebase-4.4.2) produces the following result:

/usr/bin/cygvpx-3.dll                         base 0x002d0000 size 0x00201000
/usr/bin/cygvpx-1.dll                         base 0x004e0000 size 0x001ed000
/usr/bin/cygvorbisfile-3.dll                  base 0x006d0000 size 0x00010000
/usr/bin/cygGraphicsMagick-3.dll              base 0x6ecf0000 size 0x00321000
/usr/bin/cygGraphicsMagick++-12.dll           base 0x6f020000 size 0x00052000
/usr/bin/Scintilla.dll                        base 0x6fc70000 size 0x000c8000
/usr/bin/SciLexer.dll                         base 0x6fd40000 size 0x002bd000
/usr/share/regina-rexx/addons/rxtest2.dll     base 0xba330000 size 0x00009000
/usr/share/regina-rexx/addons/rxtest1.dll     base 0xba340000 size 0x00009000
/usr/share/regina-rexx/addons/regutil.dll     base 0xba350000 size 0x00018000
/usr/bin/cygvte-9.dll                         base 0xffee0000 size 0x00099000
/usr/bin/cygvte-2.91-0.dll                    base 0xfff80000 size 0x0005f000
/usr/bin/cygvpx-4.dll                         base 0xfffe0000 size 0x002e2000

The first DLL (listed in rebase_all) is /usr/bin/SciLexer.dll, the last is
and /usr/bin/cygvpx-4.dll follows /usr/bin/cygvpx-3.dll (as you can imagine)
with 0xfffe0000 + (0x002e2000+0xe000) = 0x002d0000 (modulo 0x100000000) as you can check
and compare with the 1st line. Is this expected, this kind of arithmetic modulo 2^32?

In any case, i have no fork problems.

The full list contains 8006 lines, i have the complete Cygwin 32bit installation
except for:
- the debuginfo packages
- the gnome, kde, lua, lxde, mate, Ocaml, Scheme, video and xfce categories (but
  including all missing dependencies of course)
- the *.mex and *.oct files from the octave packages (they use nearly 0x30000000 bytes),
  i removed them by patching /usr/bin/rebaselst

Hope this helps,

Denis Excoffier.

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