sed match DOS end of line

Steve Harlow
Sun Jan 7 00:25:00 GMT 2018


With 'sed' (GNU sed) version 4.4 I am seeing that '$' doesn't match end 
of line with windows type text files.
It looks like something like this happened and was fixed on version 4.2.2.

Here is the original complaint at the time.  I'm seeing the same thing 
with version 4.4.

Do I not have some environment variable set correctly? Is this a bug in sed?

I see that I can install the older version,  Looks like that 
might take a step backwards on some libraries too. compiler-rt(5.0.1-1), 
libc++devel (5.0.1-1), libc++1 (5.0.1-1), etc.  Is that the right way to go?


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