DCS World A-10 Thunderbold COM issue

Jeroen van der Velden jvdv22@hotmail.com
Fri Dec 28 17:06:00 GMT 2018


I find so many topic on this error I can`t get my head around it, so I decided to email you.

When I run connect-serial-port.cmd and select my Arduino Mega comport (6), I get this error:

0 [main] socat 1280 find_fast_cwd: WARNING: Couldn't compute FAST_CWD pointer.  Please report this problem to
the public mailing list cygwin@cygwin.com<mailto:cygwin@cygwin.com>

The Arduino IDE can find my Mega on com 6 and uploading is no issue.
I did run the game unpaused (non-steam) with no succes.
Unless I missed something, everything is unblocked in the Windows 10 64-bit firewall.

Your support is much appriciated!

Best Regards,


I cant find a Github Master version number I`m runnign but Github says
“Last Commit 34CC3b9 on Nov 5, 2017”.

My DCS A-10 Warthog version is 1.1.0
My DCS Version is 2.5

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