how is cygstart different from cmd /c or how to have cygstart start 'inline'?

L A Walsh
Mon Dec 24 15:31:00 GMT 2018

On 12/21/2018 5:15 AM, Brian Inglis wrote:

> See:
Will have to read it in more detail...look like alot of neat things
to try out (not sure how useful relating to my question, but much there).

> If it's a console cmd it should run under a term without any problems:
> $ cmd /c ver
	Well, that's the rub -- if it started so easily,
I wouldn't be asking :-). **

> Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.471]
> or you may need to use 
that looked cool until I got a bit farther...

> - allows
> running Windows console programs under mintty or Cygwin's sshd with
> properly-functioning input and output by starting winpty-agent with
> a hidden console window,
	Iiieeee!.  Like the Console2 program... stretches 
compatibility to the limit.

> which bridges between the console API and
> terminal input/output escape codes, polls the hidden console's
> screen buffer for changes and generates a corresponding stream of
> output.
	Yeah, it was that polling thing that was a prob -- 
fast enough poll to provide real-time I/O = fast enough to be a 
noticeable drain on the cpu.  Polling=bad.  Surprised no one has
come out with an interrupt driven version -- so easy on Linux, but
on extracting teeth it seems.

** -- its a finicky GUI login for a game (BladeandSoul) that has
a evil, malware-like anti-cheat engine that is currently 
crashing on my machine.  It does it's best to keep
you from debugging it.  Just trying to start it without using
its desktop-provided link is a first level of pickiness). 
Best I've gotten so far is using cygstart.
(Feel free to try it out if you want -- free download as well
from; the installer will install the launcher
which is small.  My first step is trying to start the launcher 
"inline" (not in a separate window).  Beyond the launcher, it will
invite you to create a free login, and then it goes on to
start downloading game (about 10G to start, 30G beyond that),
but quit at that point if you just wanna run instaler.

Trying to start it with cmd /c, results in some fatal error but
cygstart works -- "magic".  :-)

Thanks for the ideas/comments.


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