Gnu make option "‘--max-load[=load]’" - is it supposed to work under cygwin?

Niels Kristian "Ænkå" Jensen
Tue Dec 11 10:23:00 GMT 2018

Hello all,

I am having a strange problem with Gnu make and one problem, which is a 
derived from it:

1) Sometimes, at seemingly random places in the make execution, "make 
-j`nproc` (parameters...)" simply stops. A process keeps running on one 
CPU, full load, forever. We have been trying lots of different versions 
of make and the cygwin1.dll, trying to locate anything that could be 
reproducing the behaviour, to no avail. We have seen this on Win7, Win 
Server 2012 and Win10.

2) As a work-around, I tried to replace option "-j" with "-l 5.5" (don't 
start new executors if load avg. is above 5.5.)

This does not seem to work - execution time is almost equal to "-j1" 
that is just one executor.

Is the "load" option supposed to work?

I've only run it on systems without the "procps" package installed (I 
avoid packages, that are not needed).

Best regards,
Niels Kristian Jensen

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