readline in Cygwin64?

Sun Dec 2 19:36:00 GMT 2018

Just installed Cygwin64. Beautiful.
However, I need to build an executable. In Cygwin32 the build proceeds
without exception but in Cygwin64 two error msgs are generated during the
1)	fatal error: readline/readline.h: No such file or directory
2)	cannot find -lreadline
Both platforms Cygwin32(64) are identically bespoke and are constructed
using the command
setup-x86(_64).exe -P <blah>,readline,<blah>
In Cygwin32 this results in the creation of all 3 files

but none of these are created in Cygwin64. This is what breaks the build of
the executable required.
(Possibly it is another element of <blah> that has this consequence for
Cygwin32, but whatever the trigger there is the same lack in Cygwin64.)
Can these necessary components be recovered in Cygwin64 by some amendment to
the "setup -P .. .." instruction?
Thank you.

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