speeding up a paste operation

Lee ler762@gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 04:51:00 GMT 2018

On 8/25/18, Andrey Repin <anrdaemon@yandex.ru> wrote:
> Greetings, Lee!
>>> what about 'cp /dev/clipbord /tmp/hosts'?
>> Much better!  That takes about the same time as pasting into notepad,
>> so I'm guessing that's about as fast as I can expect.
>> but I need to convert line endings:
>> $ file hosts.txt
>> hosts.txt: ASCII text, with CRLF line terminators
> Do you expect us to answer "d2u < /dev/clipboard | wherever" ?
> Or can you stop being lazy and start producing such simple answers
> yourself?

It's not laziness, it's hoping for the magical incantation that will
speed up the right click/paste operation.  But nobody has referenced
>> Oh well...  I was hoping I'd set up something wrong in cygwin
so let's close out the thread; at least on my machine, there's a clear
winner for pasting in an absurdly large amount of text:

$ time d2u < /dev/clipboard > hosts-3.txt

real    0m11.372s
user    0m3.749s
sys     0m6.984s

$ time cat /dev/clipboard | tr -d '\r' > hosts-2.txt

real    0m4.405s
user    0m0.124s
sys     0m3.577s

$ time getclip -u > hosts.txt

real    0m0.734s
user    0m0.031s
sys     0m0.031s

My thanks to everyone who gave me alternatives to simple pasting.

And a special thanks to all the devs that have made things so much
better that I completely forgot about pasting text being slow.  In an
off-list conversation I mentioned that I used to limit pasting to no
more than 5-10K lines.  But that was back in WinXP days; since then
there's been cygwin-64, mintty, and I don't know what all else that
are so much better now.  Thank you!!


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