Keyhook and fullscreen don't work at the same time

Richard Foote
Tue Aug 28 12:12:00 GMT 2018

Hi everyone,

I have Cygwin installed on my Win 7 Enterprise work computer (i.e., no
admin access) in a folder in my home directory. I have almost everything
working except for a couple of things. I haven't made an honest try to get
Dropbox working, but I have done a lot to get the -keyhook option working
so that I can get ALT+TAB, etc. working properly. It works in every case
(with startxwin) unless I am using it with the -fullscreen option. To me,
running in full screen one way or another is non-negotiable.

There are two possible solutions to this in my mind:
1) Figure out how to make -keyhook work with -fullscreen
2) Figure out how to make the windows 7 taskbar "always on bottom"  or
"manual-hide" (as opposed to auto-hide) so that the X window will be
effectively fullscreen when I use the -nodecoration option (which *does*
work with -keyhook).

Hiding and/or moving the taskbar is not a solution, because I never want to
see it on any side of the screen under any circumstances. I've experimented
with killing explorer.exe, but in that case the -nodecoration option leaves
a strip at the bottom of the screen where the taskbar was.

Thank you,
R Foote

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