problem with X11 auto-window placement: far away, and now under other windows

L A Walsh
Thu Aug 23 08:11:00 GMT 2018

I've had about 2-3 degradations regarding auto-window placement over the
past few months, though with 1, possibly > than a year.

The oldest prob with is the least problematic and that regards
the default x,y positioning of a new program or window coming up.

It used to be very convenient in that if I was typing in a Winbased
term-prog that I use to ssh into windows, I usually placed it on the right
of my screen.  When I started an X prog, like gvim, it would come up with
the same size (row+cols) of the window I started it from, but to the
left+above.  These were not fixed positions, but some "set" of
positions that would be cycled). W/r/t the Z-position, the window
always came up on top of other windows, and by default my active input
position was always placed in the new window.

This was the best behavior as the window came up near where I had been

I thought this was a cool behavior of the X-display manager.


1st prob:
Some time later, the window would start coming up at some set of fixed
positions but now to the left of the screen and no longer near the window
I had been typing in.  My input would still shift to the new window, so
it wasn't too bad, but for most work I still need the edit+output 
windows side-by-side, so have to move the window over.

latest one:
But now have a new degradation: the windows pop-under existing windows,
and trigger the task bar sliding open from the left -- both obscuring
and often preventing access to the wanted window!

I'll have other X windows on top of it, and I can't get access to the
wanted window until I first re-arrange other windows so I can click on
the new window and bring it to the top.

This is really getting to be a pain!

Is there something I can change to revert these behaviors?  I can't think
of what I could have changed in windows to cause this...anyone have any
ideas?  Is there an X11 setting for the built-in window manager to have
new windows come up near the window you are working in and having the new
window come up on top instead of on the bottom of the 'Z' stack?


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