mksetupini does not return error code

Ivan Gagis
Wed Nov 29 14:58:00 GMT 2017


I found that in case packages validation fails the mksetup script just
returns success, though it prints a line in the console saying
"mksetupini: package set has errors, not writing setup.ini".

I think it should return some error code so that it would not be
considered as success by CI scripts where mksetupini is called from.

The problematic lines are as following:;a=blob;f=calm/;h=f24e4c5751e1f7e13516e8689c041403ba1f8d38;hb=HEAD#l63
returns nothing, should return non-zero error code.;a=blob;f=calm/;h=f24e4c5751e1f7e13516e8689c041403ba1f8d38;hb=HEAD#l118
returns nothing, should return result of do_main().

I'm not familiar with python, so I don't submit a patch, but even
without knowing python it is clearly seen that the errors are not
returned properly.


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