Kaz Kylheku 920-082-4242@kylheku.com
Tue Nov 28 03:21:00 GMT 2017

On 23.11.2017 22:00, Brian Inglis wrote:
> Sorry, it was not obvious to me that this was *NOT* an official 
> announcement,
> Cygnal is *NOT* a Cygwin package,
> and should *NOT* have been posted with that subject prefix:
> that post is deceptive.

I used [ANNOUNCEMENT] simply because I saw the tag on other 

Some people might have filters based on this exact subject line tag;
inventing a different, similar tag would evade those filters, possibly
to someone's chagrin.

I apologize to people who were curious about this, yet then disappointed
to discover that it's something other than a program that they can just
install under Cygwin and then use. Also, sorry if I broke any automated
process which relies on these specially formatted subject lines matching
official packages.

I will remember to refrain from using the tag in the future.
(which could easily be well over a year from now; whenever is the next
time I sync up with Cygwin mainline.)

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