WG: RPC clnt_create() adress already in use

Mark Geisert mark@maxrnd.com
Wed Nov 22 21:54:00 GMT 2017

(3rd attempt at sending this)

PAULUS, Raimund, TI-ABN wrote:
> Hello Mark,
> is there any news with respect to libtirpc? Very important: I need it in Cygwin 2.5.1.

I neglected to report what I found; sorry for that.  The difference(s) between 
the vanilla libtirpc 1.0.1 that you downloaded and the one supplied by Cygwin 
are due to the patches applied as part of the Cygwin build.  If you have the 
Cygwin package's source downloaded and unpacked with 'cygport prep' you can find 
these patches in /usr/src/libtirpc-1.0.1-1.src.

I noticed one of the patches is a security fix.  I suspect one or more of these 
patches are causing the difficulty you're having but I don't know enough about 
RPC in general to set up a test environment and can't devote time to digging 
further.  This is as far as I can go.  Apologies again for not stating this.


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