Git status delay

Richard H Lee
Sat Nov 18 21:13:00 GMT 2017

I have an issue with git where it hangs for 10 to 20 seconds on several 
commands, including "git status". For me this is reproducible on a fresh 
install of Cygwin x64 in Windows 7.

I get the feeling I am doing something wrong on my end as "git status" 
is a very commonly used command, yet I see no mentions of this on the 
Cygwin mailing list.

Using gdb I can see git hang in the function validate_headref on an 
lstat call. validate_headref pretty much does what it says and validates 
the HEAD reference file. validate_headref is called multiple times for 
different candidate paths for the HEAD reference file, e.g. ".git/HEAD" 
etc. For some reason the path "//HEAD" is checked and this is causing a 
delay. Paths starting with "//" are treated in Cygwin as CIFS paths and 
the delay comes from the timeout when Windows tries to resolve the 
hostname "HEAD" to a server.

Subsequent executions of "git status" return immediately as I guess the 
resolution of "HEAD" as a hostname is cached.

I don't recall having this problem previously.

Does anyone else experience this issue?


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