Add support for xterm/rxvt style text selection and inserting to mintty? (was Re: Cygwin alongside WSL)
Thu Nov 16 06:44:00 GMT 2017

On Thu, 2 Nov 2017 23:38:13 +0100 Thomas Wolff wrote:
> Thanks for flattering me :) Sounds good after all the people asking for
> ever more features, silly ones as well as good ones.
> Actually, after the WSL and Virtual Tabs endeavours, release frequency
> should become lower now.
Speaking of silly feature requests ...
The main reason I'm not a fan of mintty (and as a result haven't 
switched to cygwin64 on my primary Windows machine -  because it doesn't 
include the non-Xwindows version of rxvt) is that it behaves different 
than xterm/rxvt for copying/pasting text.  I spend most of my time in 
front of linux systems using xterm, rxvt and rxvt-unicode, so I have 
that way of copying/pasting text built into the "microcode" in my hand.  
I've found it quite difficult to adjust to mintty.

Would it be possible to add an option to mintty to support xterm/rxvt 
style copying/pasting (what rxvt calls text selection and inserting) as 
described in the rxvt man page:

            The behaviour of text selection and insertion mechanism is
    similar to xterm(1).

                   Left click at the beginning of the region, drag to
    the end of the region
                   and release; Right click to extend the marked region;
    Left  double-click
                   to select a word; Left triple-click to select the
    entire line.

                   Pressing  and  releasing the Middle mouse button (or
    Shift-Insert) in an
                   rxvt window causes the current text selection to be
    inserted  as  if  it
                   had been typed on the keyboard.


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