Re: Setup's local package directory on network share

Aaron Digulla
Mon Nov 6 09:28:00 GMT 2017

Am Donnerstag, November 02, 2017 16:14 CET, Andrey Repin <> schrieb:

> > When I manually enter the path (using a mapped drive), I get a dialog:
> > "Directory S:\cygwin\Downloads does not exist, would you like me to create
> > it?" which is wrong since the folder exists.
> >
> > What is the problem here? I searched the documentation and it mentions a
> > couple of problems with network shares and Windows authentication but that when Cygwin is already running.
> Store setup.exe on the same network share and use UNC path to access it.
> Then "other people" could use both a fresh package cache and a fresh setup.exe
> together.

Thanks, UNC path works.


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