SOLVED: emacs/cygwin more secure email

Sun Nov 5 22:10:00 GMT 2017

Hi Ken-

I know I tried to communicate but fell short as my auto-complete posted
to elsewhere than the list. I will post the solution now.

I simply wanted a way with cygwin to view emacs mail with mu4e that is
either html or pdf in a secure comodo internet pro 10 container with my

All it really involved was a hack from the emacs wiki.

I will list both the wiki link and my thread over at mu-discuss.!topic/mu-discuss/XzQdiyh9rKY

So if you can follow that wiki trick and are running comodo that helps a
little with security.

I recently read that sandboxie stopped ransomeware from executing so
that is the impetus behind the container trick.

I just wanted to only view html emails in a container like sandboxie.

I know it is not fool proof. Nothing is with these computers.

Have a very cool rest of your weekend-

Jim McNamara

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