No way to use ssh ~/.ssh/config with "noacl" option

Achim Gratz
Sat Nov 4 18:25:00 GMT 2017

Matt D. writes:
> It's not perfect but I've always had trouble with all of the
> modifications Cygwin makes to a file's permissions to support
> POSIX-style ACLs. I do miss being able to manage them with chmod and
> setfacl though.

Just remove any ACL inheritance on the home directory before populating
it (or recursively remove it for an existing directory, but that can be
more tricky).  I suggest to use a sub-directory of your actual Windows
home, otherwise you might get into trouble with applications writing dot
files into it and/or getting confused by the dot files from Cygwin.
It's easy enough to mount it to /home/$USER so it's where you'd normally
expect it to show up.

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