Mintty Crash on Exit after SSH on Windows 10

Rick Maus
Fri Nov 3 20:02:00 GMT 2017

I am experiencing a similar situation on a recently reimaged Windows 10
computer in a large corporate environment, namely:

* Either typing "exit" or clicking the Windows close [X] button from a
Cygwin bash terminal (mintty under the hood) results in the process hanging
with it either eventually closing after a few minutes (or) Windows
indicating the process is not responding and offering to terminate it.
* Moving my home directory out of the way and recreating a basic home
directory did NOT work around the situation for me which is different than
the experience Bryan Tong described.

I have noticed that our organization is intentionally slower to roll out
Windows updates to our environment, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for
that situation.  If anyone wants a thread dump to investigate, please feel
free to reach out.

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