Can I change the windows icon from command line?

Thomas Wolff
Thu Nov 2 19:53:00 GMT 2017

Hi Andrey,
> Greetings, Thomas Wolff!
>> I referred to changing the icon label (an existing sequence supported by
>> xterm), i.e. the text shown in the taskbar, which cannot be changed in
>> Windows as far as I know as it's always the same as the window title.
> Two thoughts on this:
> 1. The taskbar button title is not necessarily the same as [visible]
> application window title.
> One of the cleanest solutions is to create a frameless main window and embed
> your actual application window inside it. Downside is that the visible
> application window titlebar may not look right.
> Another solution is to create two windows, one only shown in taskbar, one is
> an actual app window, and repost all messages from taskbar to the application
> window. Downside is that not all shell features may work properly, such as
> minimize-restore on repeated clicks.
> In support of this feature, I can say that I have restricted space for taskbar
> labels myself (approx 10 symbols) and have to be creative with window titles
> from various sources to clearly identify the windows.
> That including dances with /etc/debian_chroot and manual PROMPT_COMMAND settings.
Yeah, I can imagine that some *very* tricky solution with hidden windows 
is possible,
but I'm sure at the price of lots of nerves and extensible testing.
I don't think it's worth the effort, especially as many people use icons 
only on the taskbar, not the labels.
But feel free to propose a patch :)

> 2. Since there's no direct solution for setting window icon, an existing
> sequence could be reused for our purpose, since there's no clean way to make
> it work straight. Or a new sequence could be invented.

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