Cygwin on Win10 much slower than Win7

cyg Simple
Thu Nov 2 13:41:00 GMT 2017

On 11/2/2017 9:36 AM, Erik Bray wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 3:50 PM, Nellis, Kenneth wrote:
>> Since migrating from a Windows 7 laptop to one with Windows
>> 10, I've noticed a significant speed decrease in opening a
>> mintty/bash window from about 0.5s to 3.5s.
>> I've narrowed it down to two bottlenecks in .bash_profile:
>> to "cygpath" and "source".
>> Each invocation of cygpath on Win10 takes about 0.12s while
>> on Win7 takes only 0.016s. Both are running 64-bit Cygwin
>> 2.9.0, and cygpath version 2.9.0.
>> The files being sourced are the same, but for example, one
>> file, .bash_aliases, only contains alias statements and a
>> few variable assignments. On Win7, "time" says it takes
>> 0.000s, but on Win10 it takes 0.023s.
>> The Win7 CPU is "i7-4600M @ 2.90 GHz 2.90 GHz" while the
>> Win10 CPU is "i7-6600U @ 2.60 GHz 2.81 GHz". I can't imagine
>> this difference accounts for a 10x speed difference. Also the
>> Win10 machine has an SSD compared to the Win7 machine's SCSI
>> hard disk, which would favor the Win10 machine.
>> I was wondering if anyone else noticed such a thing or could
>> account for this speed difference. Can I simply blame Windows
>> 10?
> There could be a real issue here, but for what it's worth I haven't
> noticed such extreme slowdown.  But I don't have a Windows 7 machine
> to compare to.  I upgrade the one I'm on now from Windows 7 to Windows
> 10 over a year ago, so if there ever was a difference maybe I just got
> use to it and didn't notice.

Maybe a network drive connection timeout issue.  Are all of the drives
that were mapped in Win7 still reachable in Win10?

> I don't recall any major issues when I first upgraded either though  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I don't recall any either.

cyg Simple

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